Low Wages Cost U.S. Taxpayers $152.8 Billion Each Year in Public Support for Working Families

April 13, 2015, by Ken Jacobs, Ian Perry and Jenifer MacGillvary -- Even as the economy has at last begun to expand at a more rapid pace, growth in wages and benefits for most American workers has continued its decades-long stagnation. Real hourly wages of the median American worker were just 5 percent higher in 2013 than they were in 1979, while the wages of the bottom decile of earners were 5 percent lower in 2013 than in 1979.1 Trends since the early 2000s are even more pronounced. Inflation-adjusted wage growth from 2003 to 2013 was either flat or negative for the entire bottom 70 percent of the wage distribution.2 Compounding the problem of stagnating wages is the decline in employerprovided health insurance, with the share of non-elderly Americans receiving insurance from an employer falling from 67 percent in 2003 to 58.4 percent in 2013.3

Haggen slows conversion pace

Apr 10, 2015,  by Elliot Zwiebach, Supermarket News -- Haggen is slowing down its schedule of store conversions, the company told SN Thursday.

CEO shake-up at new Safeway-Albertsons retail chain

Posted: 04/11/2015, PLEASANTON -- In a shake-up that suggests Albertsons is putting its stamp on the supermarket chain that emerged from its merger with Safeway, the parent company of the new grocery conglomerate announced Friday that retailing veteran Robert Miller would take over the post of chief executive of the store company.

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