A Slightly Higher Minimum Wage Could Save Taxpayers Billions

One of the most striking consequences of low-wage work — beyond the hardship that it creates for workers — is the bill for taxpayers.

Pacific trade pact is terrible for U.S. workers

By Art Pulaski, Special to The Bee -- The notion that a flawed trade deal such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership would create jobs or chip away at widening income inequality is pure fantasy. West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon perpetuated it, leaving out pertinent facts about the deal’s impact (“Pacific trade pact means more jobs, higher wages for north state,” Viewpoints, Feb. 8).

Federal judge overturns local right-to-work laws in Kentucky

RANKFORT, Ky. -- Local governments in Kentucky can increase the minimum wage, but a federal judge ruled Wednesday that they can't ban labor unions from requiring employees to join them.

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