Your Union Recommends a YES Vote on Save Mart Contract


Protects health care and pension plans, restores pay rates for majority of reduced Senior Clerks, opens path to top of wage scale for Multipurpose Clerks

A special edition of UFCW 8-Golden State’s Voice of Action magazine containing important information about the new tentative contract agreement with Save Mart Supermarkets, including the Lucky, Save Mart and S-Mart chains in Northern and Central California, has been mailed to Save Mart, S-Mart and Lucky members.

In this Voice of Action, members will find highlights of the tentative contract, lists of the employer’s defeated proposals and the text of the agreement.

Also included is a secret ballot. After reviewing the materials in the magazine, please detach and mark your ballot and mail it using the provided envelopes. Detailed instructions are on page 2 of the Voice of Action.

The leadership of UFCW 8-Golden State recommends your YES vote on the tentative contract.

The tentative agreement with Save Mart emerged from more than a year of complex negotiations. Through it all, we never lost sight of the needs and aspirations of our Union members.

11-09-2014 sm-updateIt wasn’t easy, but we succeeded in achieving our primary objectives. We preserved the key achievements of decades of Union Solidarity, which include the best wages, health benefits, pensions, work rules and job protections in the grocery industry.

This agreement’s successes include preserving your health care plan and solidifying your pension fund. These achievements are especially significant in a time when economic challenges are still complicating contract negotiations across the country.

In addition, the proposed contract restores former rates of pay for a majority of Save Mart’s previously reduced Senior Clerks.

It also provides a pathway for others to move into a progression toward the top of the wage scale for Multipurpose Clerks.

We urge you to read the terms of the agreement. We think you will agree we have crafted a deal protecting quality jobs in the supermarket industry while enhancing Save Mart’s ability to increase its market share.

This is what negotiators call a “win-win” outcome — good for our members, good for the employer, good for customers and good for our communities.

Your Solidarity was key to this accomplishment.

solidarity-works-buttonYOU stood strong with your Union throughout this long process.

YOU wore your “Solidarity Works” buttons in your store.

YOU told management about your support for our quest for a strong, just and fair contract.

YOU spoke to customers, friends and family about the importance of livable wages, quality health care and secure pensions in your community.

Reaching this point was a long ordeal, but thanks to the Solidarity of our membership we have an agreement we can be proud to ratify.

Thank you for proving, once again ...

Solidarity Works!


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